Cover to the Statement of Response, Draft Drought Plan 2021

A Drought Plan is a statutory requirement for all water companies to prepare. It details how a drought will be managed to ensure supply to customers during periods of low rainfall.

A Drought Plan which sets out what steps we would take to deal with a drought to ensure we could deliver a reliable water supply. It covers what actions we will take before, during and after a drought to maintain supply. It also details our communication strategy with our customers and other water companies. Every five years we produce an updated Drought Plan. We seek the views of customers to help shape this through an active consultation on our website.

We work with regulatory bodies and incumbent water companies to ensure that our plans are aligned with best practice,  to make certain there is a consistent message during drought events. Please use the download links below to view both our 2021 Drought Plan and our Statement of Response Draft Drought Plan 2021.

You can check the drought status in your area here

Please also take a look at our help and advice on how to reduce your use – saving water tips. 

2021 Drought Plan – Download Here

Statement of Response – Download Here