IWNL is part of the BUUK Infrastructure Group, employing more than 2000 people and operating utility networks serving more than 2 million homes.

BUUK provides multi-utility networks on new-build developments across England, Scotland, and Wales, securing contracts in this competitive market through GTC, Metropolitan, Power On and Express Utilities. IWNL adopts, owns and operates, water and waste water networks that are constructed by the companies in the BUUK group, becoming the water supplier for homes and business on those networks.

As a group we are used to being first, it’s in our DNA. First to break into new markets and the first independent company to own utility networks. We achieved this first with gas, then electricity, district heat, water, wastewater, and gigabit fibre broadband. BUUK designs, constructs, owns and operates utility networks on new-build housing developments across the UK.