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New appointments and variations (NAVs)

The NAV process allows independent water companies to own water and wastewater networks in discrete geographic (development) areas. This means developers now have a choice of whom they appoint for asset ownership and network installation of new water and wastewater networks.

As an independent water company, we are able to serve sites in all areas run by an incumbent regional water company. Our ability to undertake new water connections, mains installation and adopt wastewater infrastructure is through Ofwat’s New Appointments and Variations (NAV) process. Where we are appointed by a developer, a NAV is approved by Ofwat. IWNL has all the same duties and responsibilities as the incumbent regional water company.

Scale and expertise

IWNL is part of the BUUK Infrastructure Group, the leading provider of last‐mile multi-utility networks in the UK, employing more than 1,700 people and operating networks serving more than 1.6 million homes. At IWNL we use our scale and experience to offer the best possible service to developers.

Through our sister companies, GTC, Metropolitan, Power On and Express Utilities, we can offer a one-stop-shop for all your utility needs including water, wastewater, heat, electricity, gigabit fibre and gas.

Our group

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Quality and efficient networks

As we own and operate our networks over the long-term, we understand the importance of constructing quality assets and getting it right, first time.

At IWNL we are driving change, responsive to technological developments and committed to achieving the most efficient and sustainable water network solutions for our customers. We adopt networks on new-build housing developments both high-rise city living and low-density sites.

We understand your requirements

We have a long-standing track record and carry out repeat business for many developers. We understand what you need from your water utilities provider. We offer a single point of contact for all your water and wastewater requirements.

We work with developers on schemes of all sizes: from small scale residential developments to large, complex mixed-use developments. We can help you through the process – making the complex simple every time.

Standpipe hire

IWNL’s approved supplier for standpipe hire is Aquam Water Services. The use of anything other than a standpipe that you have hired from Aquam is illegal, contravenes the Water Industry Act, and is considered a theft of water. The use of a standpipe without a double check valve poses a risk to the water quality and can interfere with our operations. Only metered standpipes issued by Aquam will be authorised to be connected on to our network.

Standpipe application