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The benefits of being on an IWNL meter

All IWNL properties have a meter installed, and we'll aim to read the meter to your property at least once a year. Our meters communicate via radio signal so we'll rarely need access to your property.

Not only do our water meters communicate via radio signal to pick up your reads remotely, they also have alarms to assist in the detection of leaks, high consumption and stuck meters. Our networks are comparatively new and designed to prevent leaks occurring, however it is still possible for them to develop. If you think you may have developed a leak, please ring us on 02920 028 711.

If you would like to find out more information on water leaks or finding and reading your water meter please watch our helpful video.


Water meters could save your household hundreds of pounds a year as your bill measures only actual consumption and not an average chargeable rate. Being on a meter can help you become more water wise as you will be aware of your usage. Not only that, but you are helping to save the environment, as there will be a reduction in the amount of water taken from rivers and underground sources. Every litre of water you save also means less energy is used for pumping and treating.

To find out how to be 'water wise' take a look at some of our handy hints by following this link.

You can also download our water audit form to keep a check on your usage.

How do I read my meter?

The black digits on your meter represent the number of whole cubic meters used and the red digit records tenths of a cubic meter.

We charge on every whole cubic meter used, so you only need to read the black numbers from the meter dial.

If you would like to update your meter reading, ring us on 02920 028 711 and one of our Customer Service team will be happy to help you. However, only attempt to read your meter if it is safe to do so.

Where can I find my meter?

In accordance with government regulations there are three possible locations for a meter:

  • External at our stopcock just outside the boundary of your property
  • External inside the boundary of your property, either in your garden or on the outside wall of your property
  • Internal in your property

Our preferred meter location is external either at our stopcock or inside the boundary of your property

Please note that the meter, regardless of its location, is the property of Independent Water Networks, and it's a criminal offence to tamper with it. We are responsible for maintaining the meter.

What To Do If You Can't Find Your Meter

If you can't find your meter, ring us on 02920 028 711 and we'll help you to locate it. The position of your meter has no bearing on the ownership of the pipe. You are responsible for the service pipe running to the property boundary, regardless of where your meter is.

What To Do If You Think Your Meter Is Faulty

If you think your meter is faulty, ring us on 02920 028 711 and we'll come out and check it. If you request to have your meter tested, we will remove it, replace it with a new one, and send the original to be independently tested.

If your meter has tested as faulty, the charges will be adjusted to reflect the correct level of consumption. We will calculate this either from the date the meter became faulty, or if we don't know the date, we will calculate it from the date of the second-to-last meter reading.

Please keep in mind that if your meter is not faulty, you may be charged for the test, the replacement of the meter, postage, packaging and other administrative costs.