IWNL is working with the residents of Bidwell to become a Water-Neutral development and working collectively to reduce the water use of everyone on your development.

Reducing water usage not only helps reduce money on your water and electricity bills, but it can also help the environment by taking less water from natural resources.

What we are doing

We are trying to create ‘water neutral’ housing developments. That means the development doesn’t take any extra water from the local environment than it was before it was built.

To do this, we need to reduce the water used in those houses…. IWNL are looking to install top-quality, smart meters to the first 100 customers who register their interest. The smart-meter and installation is completely free of charge and will really help you to save water and money on your bills.Benefits of being more water wise

Benefits of being more water wise

To register your interest in having a smart meter installed at your property, please fill out the below form.

    *By providing this information, you are giving IWNL consent to contact you to discuss the installation of a smart meter at your property.

    We will not use this information for anything else.