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How are my charges calculated?

We calculate the water, drainage and sewerage charges using the amount recorded by your water meter, plus any standing charges.

We calculate sewerage charges based on the assumption that a certain percentage of the water you consume will end up as waste.

We will aim to read your meter at least once a year. If we are unable to read your meter, your bill will be an estimation based on your average consumption.

What do I do if I receive an estimated bill?

If you receive an estimated bill, and wish to let us know your current meter reading, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Submit a meter reading using your online account
  • Call us on 02920 028 711 and speak to a member of staff
  • Fill in our contact form
  • Take a photo with your smart phone and send the image to us using our contact form
  • Write the actual reading on the bill and send it back to us

IWNL may produce a revised bill based on your actual reading upon request, however please be aware in certain situations, estimations which are under or over your actual consumption will not be corrected until your next monthly bill is produced.

If you wish to make sure your next bill is based on an actual reading, please try and provide us with a reading a few days before your next bill is due to be issued.