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How much will the reduction be?

Any reduction in sewerage charges will apply from 1st April of the year in which the claim is made. Customers who have a water meter will receive a reduction on their sewerage bill based on their consumption, so the amount can vary. All Independent Water Networks customers have a metered water supply.

Do I qualify for a reduction in my sewerage charges?

You must be able to prove that surface water, from any part of your property, does not drain to a public sewer and that it has never drained to a public sewer. Installing water butts to remove surface water from your connection will not qualify for a reduction in sewerage charges as the connection to the sewer system still remains.

What if I have a private sewer?

Even if you have a private sewer, this could lead to our sewage treatment works or drain via our surface water network, which would mean that you do not qualify for a surface water rebate. If any surface water from your property does drain to a public sewer, you must continue to pay the full sewerage charges.

What if my property is not connected to the public sewer?

If your wastewater drains into a cesspit, septic tank or a private drainage system, and surface water drains to a soakaway or similar you should not be charged for sewerage services.

What if my sewerage charges are paid to another company?

You need to contact that company to process and agree your application.

How do I claim?

Step 1

For domestic properties and small single building commercial properties you will need to complete the enclosed application form and provide a diagram, outlining the drainage arrangements at your property.

The diagram should include:

  • Roads, footpaths and neighbouring properties.
  • The boundary of your property.
  • Your arrangements for draining surface water, including where the downpipes go.

For larger commercial developments, e.g. superstores, educational establishments and commercial premises, you will need to complete Surface Water Rebate Application Form and provide a full site drainage plan indicating manhole locations, directions of flows and location of discharge points for both foul and surface water systems. Plans should be coloured using brown for foul flow and blue for surface water and on a minimum of A2 sized paper.

Step 2

Send your completed form and drawings/plans to the address shown on the application form. Please continue to pay your bill as normal while your claim is being processed, this could take up to three months.

If you are a Local Authority/Housing Association tenant applying, please note the following:

  • Continue to pay your charges to the Local Authority/Housing Association whilst your application is being processed.
  • Do not take this application form to the Local Authority/Housing Association and ask them to complete the diagram. The person applying for the rebate must do this.

What happens next?

When we receive your claim we will consider if you qualify - this can be quite complex and can take up to three months. If your application is accepted we will apply the rebate from 1st April of the charging year in which you apply. We are unable to backdate the rebate beyond that date. However, the rebate will apply to subsequent year's charges for the property.

Further information on the backdating of charges is on the Ofwat and Consumer Council for Water websites:

What happens if I change the drainage arrangements at my property in the future?

If you change the drainage arrangements at your property in the future, you must tell us so that we can review your entitlement. We may also review the entitlement when there is a change of occupier at the premises. If your application is rejected we will inform you. If you disagree, you can ask for the decision to be reviewed by contacting us on 02920 028 711.

What else do I need to know?

Please note that claims may be subject to verification by Independent Water Networks or their appointed agents. If the drainage arrangements at your property change and you fail to notify us, on identification of the changes we may back date the appropriate charges for up to six years.