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We are committed to being a truly sustainable business. That is why we developed the following environmental policy that shapes our business practises and ensures that the world we live in is preserved for generations to come.

At Independent Water Networks, we actively seek out and promote commercially viable and environmentally-friendly solutions to current and future problems.

We seek to avoid, minimise and appropriately mitigate adverse environmental impacts. This extends to our office administration, design, construction both on and off site, commissioning, maintenance and operation of our water network systems.


To support our environmental policy, Independent Water Networks will:

  • Comply with all environmental laws, regulations and codes of practice, which serve as a minimum standard applicable to all the business, activities and processes we undertake
  • Be committed to continuous improvement in our environmental performance, including pollution prevention
  • Implement, maintain, review and continually improve our environmental management system
  • Work in partnership with clients, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers to ensure effective environmental management and quality
  • Take positive action in order to reduce, reuse and recycle all raw materials, minimise waste and use all forms of resources efficiently
  • Ensure that all our staff receive information and training in relevant procedures in order to minimise any adverse environmental impacts
  • Encourage employees to communicate any method that could increase the effectiveness of company practices

Each Independent Water Networks employee will exercise their responsibility to ensure that the intentions of our environmental policy are carried out.