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If you would like to update your meter reading, ring us on 02920 028 711 and one of our Customer Service team will be happy to help you.

You can find your meter in one of two places:

  • At the footpath adjacent to your property, or
  • In a semi-concealed boundary box on the outside wall of your property

The exact make and model of the meter installed in your premises may vary from the image shown and should only be used as a guideline.

Please note that the meter, regardless of its location, is the property of Independent Water Networks, and it is a criminal offence to tamper with it.

If You Can't Find Your Meter

If you can't find your meter, ring us on 02920 028 711 and we'll help you to locate it. The position of your meter has no bearing on the ownership of the pipe - you are responsible for the service pipe running to the property boundary, regardless of where your meter is.

If You Think Your Meter Is Faulty

If you think your meter is faulty, ring us on 02920 028 711 and we'll come out and check it. If you request to have your meter tested, we will remove it, replace it with a new one, and send the original to be independently tested.

If your meter has tested as faulty, the charges will be adjusted to reflect the correct level of consumption. We will calculate this either from the date the meter became faulty, or if we don't know the date, we will calculate it from the date of the second-to-last meter reading.

Please keep in mind that if your meter is not faulty, you may be charged for the test, the replacement of the meter, postage, packaging and other administrative costs.