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Independent Water Networks send bills out on a bi-annual basis with the full balance due within 10 working days of receipt. We aim to read your meter at your property at least once a year, but we endeavour to this this every six months, with your bill being produced using estimate reads in between.

For Direct Debit customers, we will collect a payment from your account on the date you specify, or the next working day after the date you specify (if it falls on a weekend or bank holiday).

If you have any questions about your bill, or ways to pay it, ring us on02920 028 711, and one of our Customer Service team will be happy to help you.

There are a number of ways the bills can be paid:

  • E-Billing
  • Monthly Direct Debit
  • Payzone
  • Other Ways To Pay Your Bill
Paying Your Bill

1. E-Billing

IWNL have developed an environmentally friendly and convenient way to pay your bills online, with the added benefit of saving £1.50 a year on your water bills.

  • Save £1.50 when you switch to E-Billing.
  • Track your monthly water outgoings conveniently online.
  • Track past payments made online.
  • View bills online and receive an email notification when they are ready to view.
  • Quick and convenient E-Billing system.
  • 24/7 available access.

To switch to E-Billing, call our customer services team on 02920 028 711 or if you have an Online Account, you can switch yourself over now to reap these benefits.

2. Monthly Direct Debit

The easiest way to pay and cheaper, too!

  • Save £3.50 on your annual bill
  • Pay your bills on time without the hassle of having to remember
  • Spread the cost over the year
  • Get peace of mind with the Direct Debit Guarantee

Direct Debit Form

Switch To Direct Debit Now

Direct Debit Guarantee

We guarantee that:

  • If an error is made by either us or your bank (or building society), you will get a full and immediate refund from your branch
  • If we make an error during the handling of a Direct Debit or standing order payment, we will refund any financial loss or bank charges incurred
  • We will notify you 10 working days in advance if the amount charged or the payment date needs to change

3. Payzone

This a free and easy way for you to pay your bill!

You will need to give us a call to request a Payzone card and agree your schedule of payments. Then simply take your card to your local Payzone retailer, along with the amount you need to pay.

To find your local outlet, please visit the Payzone website or give us a call on 02920 028 711.

4. Other Ways To Pay Your Bill

  • Cheque
  • Debit/credit card either online via Your Account or over the telephone
  • Internet or bank counter transfer to Barclays Bank plc
    Sort Code: 20-00-00 Account No: 73619559
    Please remember to include your customer reference number

You can also arrange to pay your bill in instalments by calling us on 02920 028 711.

Difficulty Paying?

We understand at times it can be difficult to manage your finances, so if you're having problems paying your bills, please call us on 02920 028 711 straight away to discuss alternative payment options. We can always help, but we won't know unless you tell us!

In the first instance, we will send you a reminder letter. If you do not respond to our reminder letter, or have not contacted us to agree a payment plan, we will send you a final notice. If we still don't hear from you after that, we may ask a debt collection agency to recover the funds, or the court may issue a claim against you.

We don't want to have to take these steps. You can contact us, or our agents, at any time during the debt recovery proceedings to arrange a payment agreement.

For more information, please click here.