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You used to be on an unmetered supply

If you used to be billed on an unmetered supply, you would have paid a fixed amount every year. Now that you are on a meter, you may see a difference in your payment amounts.

Your bill could be based on an estimate read

IWNL will collect an actual read once every year, but we aim to do this one every six months. In the mean time you will be based on an estimate read. If you do receive a bill based on an estimate, if it is safe to do so, you can read your meter and submit a reading using your online account.

Your bill could be based on an actual read

Is your bill based on estimate? If so, we may have underestimated the amount of water you use, which means your most recent bill will appear higher than your previous estimated bill.

There have been more people living in your property

Have other people moved in or been staying in your property? Have you had a baby or children returned from uni? If so, the more people in the property, usually means more water has been consumed.

Do you have a leak?

It could be you have a leak, which could have come from an appliance, for example a washing machine or even toilet cistern. Check for any dripping taps too, as each drip will cost you money. If the leak is within the boundary of your property, you will be responsible for fixing this, so it essential you get a plumber out as soon as possible. For help on how to detect leaks, please click here.